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WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine
WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine
WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine
WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine
WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine
WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine

WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine WPC PVC Foam Board Making Machine

PVC/WPC foam board production line is used to produce PVC/WPC foam board with width 1220mm and thickness 3-25mm. PVC foam board is widely used for bathroom cabinet, armoire, partition board, building template and so on. It's made by environmental raw materials with features of water proof, damp-proof, insect prevention, environment protection odorless.

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Main features of PVC/WPC Foam Board Making Machine

1. High capacity, one production line can produce over 7 tons per day.

2. Adopt world famous brand parts, such as ABB inverter, Siemens motor, Omron controller, etc, reliable and durable.

3. Adopt special PVC foam screw, foaming is uniform and stable.


Features of PVC/WPC Foam Board

1. PVC/WPC foam board has the advantages of waterproof, flame retardant, moisture proof, anti-corrosive, moth proof, light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, resist radiation and aging, etc.

2. PVC/WPC foam board can be made by ordinary wooden processing tools. It also can be drilled, sawed, nailed and excavated. It is the best alternative to the composite products of wood, aluminum.

3. PVC/WPC foam board can be welded as every general welding stipulation and also can be stick to other PVC materials.


Main parameters of PVC WPC Foam Board Making Machine




production width



production thickness






Main motor power

75 kw

132 kw

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Why choose us? 

Anda is specialized for the products with long time experience. We always pay attention to the quality of equipment we manufactured, and we have sufficient technical team which can go to customer factory in very short time when its required. And so far we have installed machines at most hot spot region around the world, the stable running of machines are the best explanation. Welcome contact us to know reference customer near to your region. 

How long the machine can be delivered? 

Generally we have the semi-ready machines or even ready machine at store, so the delivery time is very fast, normally around 30-40days, depending on the kind of machines and the quantity of machines you will order 

What kind payment terms?

 We can accept multiple kind payment terms, like T/T, LC,D/P(advance payment required) etc. 

How to install the machines? 

Upon customers requirement, we can send technician to customers factory for installation and training. Meantime, we can also send experience Chinese master to work at customer factory for 3month to one year or even longer time. So the Chinese technician will install machines, teach local workers about machine installation and operations and so on.

Whats the Warranty?

One year since installation completed.  In the warranty period, in case any parts broken by uncontrolled factor, we will be responsible and send the parts immediately by courier or air cargo.