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Flexible manufacturing machine for pvc ceiling tile and wall panel to Pakistan

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Hot sale 2 by 2 pvc ceiling tile making machine in Pakistan market


PVC ceiling tile extrusion line:

Conical twin screw pvc ceiling tile extrusion line has test run successfully in Anda Machinery Co.,Ltd ,this is hot sale in Pakistan market and by changing different moulds,you can also make other products,like pvc wall panel,pvc profile and pvc t bar.Good news that our customer will order 5 more lines once our machine arrived in their factory,we are always happy to make long-term cooperation relationship with friends from all over the world.

Machine instructions for conical twin screw pvc ceiling tile extrusion line:

Model of PVC ceiling making machine: 



 Product  width




 Capacity per  24h


Run video for Single-screw pvc edge band extrusion line: