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What is WPC Wall Panel?

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What is WPC Wall Panel?

WPC is a new type of environmentally friendly wood plastic composite material products. The xyphenol produced in the production of high-density fiberboard is added into the recycled plastic and made into wood plastic composite material through the granulation equipment, and then the production group is extruded to make wpc floor. Wood plastic composite board is a kind of wood (wood cellulose, Plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer material (Plastic) and processing AIDSAfter mixing evenly, it is made of high-tech green environmental protection material by heating extrusion molding equipment, it has both Wood and Plastic properties and characteristics, can replace Wood and Plastic new environmental protection high-tech materials.



Main feature of wpc panel

1 WPC wall panel has the same processing performance as log, can be nailed,  drilled, cut and glued, connected with a fixed. 

2 WPC wall panel has better physical performance than log, dimensional stability better than wood , will not cause crack, warping, no wood joint scar and twill. Add coloring agent Coated or composite surface layer can be made into a variety of colorful products, so there is no need for regular maintenance.

3 WPC wall panel with fire prevention and waterproof, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, not be moth-eaten, not long fungus, acid and alkali resistance, no harm, no pollution and other excellent performance, low maintenance cost.

4 WPC wall panel has similar appearance to wood in usage, higher hardness than log, long life, good toughness, high strength, energy saving. Light weight insulation surface smooth, flat and pollution-free.


The WPC production line adopts special twin screw extruder and its key parts such as screw are specially designed according to the characteristics of WPC products. Production line is mechanical-electrical integration design, easy to operate and maintain. The equipment has the characteristics of high output and stable quality.


Extrusion Machine

Control electrical equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the main electrical components are imported famous brand products. All electrical control circuit design and layout of the machine are certified by British Bulletin No.1674 and meet CE standards.


Vacuum Cooling Machine
Vacuum cooling table adopts special increase eddy current cooling system, centralized cooling device design, easy to cooling and meet the needs of wood plastic plate production characteristics, make the cooling more quickly and thoroughly, easy to operate.


Hauling Machine

Hauling machine adopts our company's unique technology, stable work, good reliability, more powerful traction, more stable operation.


Cutting Machine
Horizontal cutting device and panel hauling speed to keep synchronous, reasonable design and stable operation, it can automatically size cutting, so that the wall panel incision more smooth without burr.