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Know More About PVC Marble Sheet Making Machine

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The Advantages of PVC Polygranite Sheet Machine

1. the material composition is polymer material, 100% waterproof, so there is no mildew and moisture problems.

2. the surface is high definition, strong three-dimensional effect, imitation degree of more than 95%.

3. after the surface UV special treatment, make the board surface smooth, not easy to scratch, convenient dust removal.

4. all colors adopt imported jade grain scanning synthesis, the whole gives a person luxurious, fashionable and high-grade atmosphere style!

5. compared with the traditional plate, it has better physical and chemical properties, it is acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, ensure that plate is not tarnish, and solve the phenomenon of color difference.

6. replace the traditional UV board, crystal version, aluminum-plastic board, cement fiberboard stone grain board and other surface is not clear, three-dimensional effect is not good, high cost drawbacks.

7. the replacement of artificial jade, artificial stone, marble tiles, wood panels and other wall materials cost high drawbacks, installation is not convenient, cutting trouble and other drawbacks.


Molding Process

Add different raw materials into high speed mixer according to the formula, after extrusion molding machine plasticizing extrusion, and then by the three-roll calender forming unit for overall forming. The surface is coated with a layer of polymer film with marbling or the marbling is printed on the surface by thermal transfer printing process, after cutting machine precision cutting finished base material.

The finished substrate out of the previous production line into the UV equipment to make UV paint, and then through ultraviolet light drying and curing. The processed plate has bright color and strong visual impact, wear resistance, chemical resistance, long service life, not discoloration, easy to clean.


PVC Polygranite Sheet Machine