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How to Produce PVC WPC Wall Panel?

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The Advantages of PVC Wall Panel

1. Fire Prevention

PVC automatically extinguishes when it leaves the fire. It is a inflammable material. The fire rating has reached B1 level after being tested by the authority, which basically meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

2.Reduce Noise and Promote Sleep

PVC wall panels sound insulation up to 29 decibels, equivalent to more than half of the solid wall sound insulation. Wall panels can produce perfect diffuse reflection of sound, which can effectively buffer the impact of heavy bass, and the good absorption of the material itself to the bad sharp waves of sound, so as to form a perfect level 3 noise reduction function in the space, which can greatly improve the sleep quality of 1/3 of the time in life.

3.Warm In Winter and Cool In Summer

PVC wall panels will make the room warm in winter and cool in summer, and can adjust the air humidity in the room. After testing, the insulation efficiency of the wall panel greatly exceeds the NATIONAL standard. The temperature difference between the room with and without wainscoting is 7 degrees.


4. Wear Resistance
PVC wallboard has high compressive strength and flexural strength, is the upgrade of latex paint products. Wear-resisting, anti-loss effect far better than common paint and wallpaper, if there are children in the home is more appropriate. The area such as TV background, sofa background, dining room background and bedside background can protect the wall surface very well.

5. Healthy and Environmentally Friendly
After installation, the room has no peculiar smell and "0" formaldehyde release to ensure the health of family living environment. Room overall decoration can reduce the site painting process, can be a good solution to the site decoration time and paint smell is difficult to volatilize the problem.


6. Waterproof and Moistureproof
Good moisture-proof performance, wet areas can also be completely resistant. Moisture is difficult to enter the room, to ensure that the room is dry and comfortable, let you completely rid of the trouble caused by wall mildew.

7. Beautify Your Space
The clapboard endowed with the essence of classical culture and art, is elegant in style and temperament, which can not only enhance the living taste, but also give the enjoyment of beauty.

8. Convenient Installation
Traditional gusset plate installation means are used when designing, but go all out directly, blank room goes all out directly, one-step reach the specified position, installation is no longer trival, let you not decorate cycle too long and trouble.

9. Easy To Scrub, No Deformation
The surface adopts foreign advanced technology treatment, beautiful and easy to clean, can be directly scrub with cloth, no blistering, no deformation, no aging, easily solve the tedious life.

10. Anti-Corrosion and Durable
High strength, good toughness, no deformation, not easy to aging, creep and corrosion, long service life, decoration one time and lifelong benefit.


How to Produce PVC WPC Wall Panel?

01Production Line Composition

1.conical twin screw extruder
2. vacuum cooling machine
3. hauling machine
4. cutting machine
5. stacking machine

Production line adopts intelligent control, high degree of automation, stable operation, simple operation, high production efficiency. In addition Anda Machinery has been adhering to customer-oriented, always implement the "turnkey" program, to provide customers with on-site installation, commissioning, production, training and raw material formula, to ensure that customers can independent and stable production.



1. 65 conical twin screw extrusion production line, used to produce larger lines and narrower and thinner plate products
2. 51 twin screw extrusion production line, used to produce small line products
3. 80 twin screw extrusion production line, used to produce wider and thicker plate products
4.. High speed mixer 500/1000
5. Crusher
6. grinding machine
7. Laminating machine


02Workshop Requirements

1. The wall height of workshop is more than 4 meters, the minimum length of main production line workshop is 30 meters, the minimum width is 6 meters;

2. The minimum length and width of mixing workshop and raw material warehouse are 6 meters and 6 meters respectively.

3. The minimum length of surface treatment workshop is 12 meters, and the minimum width is 6 meters;

4. The total area of finished product warehouse is 500 square meters.

5. Install a 50-ton cooling wind tower outdoors, connected with the equipment through pipes, with an installation area of 16 square meters and a minimum installation height of 1 meter.

6. Install a storage tank and air compressor, connected with the equipment through management, ventilation pipe generally choose PP-R pressure pipe or PVC pressure pipe or steel pipe, the minimum pressure of the pipe should be 1.25mpa, choose a Ф20mm pipe.

7. Dig a circulating pool in the workshop, you can also use the cooling-water machine to produce circulating water, mixing machine and vacuum setting table to use a lot of cooling water. The main pipe can choose 2 and a half or 3 inches of steel pipe, branch pipe can be determined according to the size of the pump inlet of the equipment, drainage pipe can first use 110mm PVC pressure pipe. The main drain shall be dug under the forming stage of the extruder. The water used in this production line is recycled water without sewage. 

The total area of the workshop is 1000 square meters. Considering the increase of equipment and transportation of products, it is suggested that the minimum total area of the workshop is not less than 1500 square meters, and The length in at least one direction is not less than 30 meters.