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pvc edge band making extrusion machine is used for producing the pvc edge band tape.The mould can be designed to produce 2 PVC edge band or one edge band at the same time.

  • Model: 65
  • Brand: Anda
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PVC edge band making machine is used to produce different width and thickness edge banding tapes, the patteren on the surface can be adjusted by using different UV ink. 
Edge banding tapes are widely used in furniture decoration. The surface of wood grain, marble, fabric and other decorative pattern, design and surface luster, soft realistic wood and stereo feeling;with a certain heat resistant, resistant to chemicals, corrosion resistance.  It can make a piece of wood furniture appears more clear and beautiful. 


Equipment list for pvc edge band extrusion machine

Suitable resinPVC
Extruder mode65
Extruder  speed 3 m/min
Max output30 kg/h,2 out in one mould
Air consumption0.6m3/min, pressure :0.2-0.7 MPa
Water cycle0.8m3/min
Power supply380V±10%,50Hz; control :220V±10%
Water sourceIndustrial-use water,no impurities ,filteration treatment ,inlet temperature:12-15°C, water pressure:6 Bar
Working environment temperature20±5°C

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