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600mm PVC ceiling tile machine 600mm PVC ceiling tile machine

This machine produce 600*600mm PVC ceiling tile, you can change different hot stamping foil to get different design pattern.

  • Model: SJSZ 65/132 PVC ceiling tile making machine
  • Brand: Anda PVC ceiling tile production line
  • Code: Anda PVC ceiling tile machine
  • Product Description
  • Running machine

PART I. Introduction of PVC ceiling tile machine and final product: 
PVC ceiling tile machine is used to produce 600mm*600mm PVC ceiling tile, you can get different design pattern by changing hot stamping foil or lamination paper. 
Normally this kind of 600mm PVC ceiling tile is popular in Sri lanka, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other countries. 

PART II. Manufacturing process of PVC ceiling tile: 

Step 1: Raw material mixing according to the formula.  
Step 2: Product Extrusion by SJSZ 65/132 extruder. During this process, you can use hot stamping (transfer design pattern from foil to PVC ceiling tile) on the PVC ceiling tile surface to get diffferent design pattern. 
Step 3: Bad product recycling. During the second step. normally it will occur some waste pruduct, so it will be necessary for you to recycle it. 

PART III. Model and parameters of PVC ceiling tile machine: 

Model  SJSZ65/132
Machine weight 5.5 Tons 
Diamension 20m*1.5m*3.5m
Capacity  4800-5000 pieces per 24hours
Main raw material  PVC resin (SG5) and calcium carbonate