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SPC Floor Processing Technic

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1.Formula and weighing

Different kinds of weight of materials, the need to use the corresponding precision of weighing instrument, to ensure the accuracy of weighing. 

Integration of materials: convenient storage weighing flow feeding, sampling check components and accuracy if it is automatic weighing system also need to monitor and review.


2.Mixing storage

Feeding order: according to the feeding method to determine the feeding order automatic feeding mixing system can be set up as: filling 90, treating agent and PVC resin 95, stabilizer lubricant 105-110, processing AIDS enhancement agent 115, recycle material 120-125℃.

Artificial feeding:PVC resin + filling material + small material +PVC resin + filling material +PVC resin + recycle material; One-time feeding, 120-125feeding.

cold mixing: must be fully and quickly cooled to prevent material deterioration, have the ability to cool to 40-45℃.

storage: in order to ensure the uniformity of material, need to use a large storage tank storage and shelved for a certain time before use.

Mix well the ingredients that have been set aside for a certain time, the need to detect different batches of material mainstream, and detect the rheological properties of logistics, as a means of monitoring, nd provide the basis for analysis and improvement.

Note that there are differences in mixing effect, mixing temperature and time between different mixers.



3.Extrusion process

The setting of processing technology not only affects processing level, but also affects product quality and production efficiency. Need to be combined with equipment characteristics, material properties, formula together comprehensive consideration.

There is a certain relationship between the size of the extruder and the size of the product section. For example, it is difficult for the 110 extruder to make 4mm thick plate. First, Large extruder under certain extrusion speed and fast production line, the molding pressure is higher, high plasticizing and liquidity requirements for materials, if rely on open mouth mold clearance to production, the longitudinal tensile is larger, the melt strength demand is high, and because the drawing orientation is easy to cause longitudinal shrinkage rate differs big, cause excessive shrinkage rate and plate warping. At the same time, high speed production requires high calendering cooling.

If 110 extrusion line is used to produce flooring, the formulation process should be carefully designed and set up.

According to the current situation: 92, 80 machine is more suitable to make the floor below 4mm. The die clearance is slightly greater than the floor thickness.

Fuselage: Zone 1 and zone 2 temperature is very important to ensure that plasticization is easy to vacuum. If the temperature is too high, it’s easy to accumulate material in the vacuum mouth. Generally, the temperature should maintain between 185-195℃, it can be slightly lower.

The temperature of the confluence core has a great influence on the back pressure. A lower temperature is favorable for the melt to move from spiral to straight line, generally at 165-175℃.

The mold temperature should be relatively high, which is conducive to the flow of small gap melt. Generally between 190-200℃, at the same time with mold clearance corresponding to adjust the thickness of billet uniform.

Main speed of extruder: generally controlled at 75-85% of rated speed. The feeding speed is mainly determined according to the main engine speed and main engine (load) current.

On the premise of formula determination, processing temperature, host speed, feeding speed match each other, to achieve stable current, uniform discharging surface without defects, a certain production speed.

Wear and tear may occur in screw for a certain period of time. First, the processing technology can be adjusted, such as reducing the extrusion speed, increasing the feeding speed, appropriately raising the processing temperature of the first and second zones to reduce the temperature of the confluence core. Adjust the formula appropriately to increase the amount of ACR. If necessary, adjust the clearance related to the screw barrel, polish the damaged parts, and then adjust the process formula.


4.Calendering and laminating process

Under the premise of extrusion stability.

Main control: roller clearance, temperature, speed, and speed matching.

The clearance and speed of the first pair of rollers determine the basic thickness of the floor, which should be preliminarily determined according to the linear speed of extrusion. Behind the film coated roller speed slightly faster, to ensure that there is a certain swelling force, does not cause the film stretching narrowing is appropriate. The traction speed is such that the plate is not deformed. Some adjustments should be slower according to the actual situation. Embossing and film, mainly depends on roller gap, roller temperature, different plate thickness, film type, use different gap and temperature, and consider the influence of traction speed.

Roll temperature and speed: ensure normal calendering, clear embossing, film adhesion firm, full cutting, film deformation.

Roller temperature: generally in 165-185.

The clearance of two pairs of rollers is basically the same. The two need to be combined to adjust.


5. Cooling and others

Because the products in the production process have not been fully shaped, so the cutting flow to avoid stress, bearing tray needs to be firm and smooth. Product testing also needs to put the base material and finished products to a certain time for sampling.