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Wpc Board Embossing Machine Wpc Board Embossing Machine

This machine is applied to emboss wood grain pattern on the surface of WPC board,WPC decking profiles, WPC pergola, wood board, PVC board and so on.

  • Model: 400
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: emboss machine
  • Product Description

Description of WPC embossing machine:

It’s composed of machine frame, top & bottom heating device, temperature controller, top &bottom embossing roller, control box, cycloid pinwheel reduction motor, hydraulic system.

Optimised roll embossing system for natural wood grain or any other pattern, either in combination with the brushing line or as a free standing unit. The roll embossing system for WPC products is equipped with an electrically heated, surface hardened embossing roll on top and a counter roll at the bottom. The integrated system includes speed and temperature controls as well as hydraulic pressure adjustments.

WPC embossing mchiane:

Description Unit Parameter
Max Embossing Width mm 400mm
Diameter of embossing roller mm 300mm
Embossing speed m/min 0-10
Motor power kw 4
Heating power kw 10
Dimensions m 1.2x1x1.7

Our company information:

Anda machinery is leading manufacturer and supplier of 400mm Embosser machine for wpc decking from china with turnkey solution from A to Z. 

Anda vision: to be global famous supplier of 400mm Embosser machine for wpc decking with high reputation.