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Pvc Wall Panel Production Line Pvc Wall Panel Production Line

PVC wall pane extrusion line is used to produce PVC wall panel, pvc grid profild with different section shape and height. the surface of pvc wall panel can be treated by hot stamping printing, or lamination, or high glossy UV printing, which can make marble, wooden design on surface of product to match with PVC wall panel.

  • Model: SJSZ48;SJSZ55;53/128 high speed;65/132 high speed
  • Brand: Anda
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Main Features of PVC wall panel production line:

1.High speed, double output than common PVC ceiling production line, greatly decrease the labour cost and electricity cost and manage cost.

2.Extruder adopts PVC ceiling dedicated screw, make sure best plastisizing effect

3.Extruder speed and haul off speed controlled by ABB frequency converter, saving power and easy adjusting speed
4.Extruder temperature adopt PID control, temperature fluctuation self adjusting, it realize the high automatic level
5.The caco3 filler can up to 300phr, formula cost is greatly reduced.
6.Equipped with infrared tracking device which can eliminate the problem of fluctuation of extrusion flow rate, further can make sure get best product
7.Lower power consumption,it can save 25-30% electrical power consumption comparing with most  kind PVC ceiling production line. 
8.With online hot stamping, easy operation, saving labour.

Model of high speed PVC wall panel production line:

Model48/113 common53/128 common53/128 high speed65/132 high speed
Applicable product width200-250mm200-250mm200-300mm20-600mm
Extruder model
Capacity(kg/h)about 2200(about 800 square meter/24h)about 3000(about 1200 square meter/24h)about 4000(about 1600 square meter/24h)about 8000(about 3300 square meter/24h)
Main motor power(kw)15222237

Model of  PVC wall panel extrusion machine:









capacity per 24h




Main motor






Why choose us? 

Anda is specialized for the products with long time experience. We always pay attention to the quality of equipment we manufactured, and we have sufficient technical team which can go to customer factory in very short time when its required. And so far we have installed machines at most hot spot region around the world, the stable running of machines are the best explanation. Welcome contact us to know reference customer near to your region. 

How long the machine can be delivered? 

Generally we have the semi-ready machines or even ready machine at store, so the delivery time is very fast, normally around 30-40days, depending on the kind of machines and the quantity of machines you will order 

What kind payment terms?

 We can accept multiple kind payment terms, like T/T, LC,D/P(advance payment required) etc. 

How to install the machines? 

Upon customers requirement, we can send technician to customers factory for installation and training. Meantime, we can also send experience Chinese master to work at customer factory for 3month to one year or even longer time. So the Chinese technician will install machines, teach local workers about machine installation and operations and so on.

Whats the Warranty?

One year since installation completed.  In the warranty period, in case any parts broken by uncontrolled factor, we will be responsible and send the parts immediately by courier or air cargo.