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PVC Pulverizer PVC Pulverizer

PVC pulverizer machine be utilized to hard PVC from PVC pipe, PVC profile,PVC board into fine powder for recycling production waste in PVC plastic industry, it's necessary machine for UPVC plastic factory.

  • Model: 400 500 600 800
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: PVC pulverizer
  • Product Description

Features of PVC pulverizer machine:

1, adopts vibrator feeding, the material feeded to pulverizer evenly.

2, it has dust-collecting device, effectively reducing the dust pollution.(SMF400 model not have)

3, Equipped with discharge fan, effectively reduce labor intensity. (SMF400 model not have)

4, The door of main machine is open able, easy to repair and replacement of the tool.

5, using both water cooling and air cooling, effectively reduce the working temperature of the machine body.

6, all conveying pipe are made of stainless steel, rust proof, and no pollution to PVC material.

How the PVC pulverizer machine works:

1. the working parts of this machine is cutterhead. particles hit the tooth plate and blades at High-speed , then the particles partially crushed and extracted by blower suction, while larger particles continue to impact, crush , then also extracted by suction. This not only reduces the load on the cutter head and improve milling efficiency, but also make the powder uniform cooling.


2, the low working temperature is the main advantage of this machine. According to the mechanical equivalent of heat: the work done 860 kilocalories per hour. This machine is outside ventilation, wind capacity 50M/KW, it take most of the heat away because the inlet and outlet air temperature difference. Small part of the heat takes away by the water cooling. Cooling water Requirements: the inlet temperature of the cooling water is not higher than 25 ° C, the outlet water temperature not higher than 45 ° C; appropriately increase the flow of cooling water in the summer, in order to lower the temperature.