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Pvc Profile Extruder Machine manufacturers Pvc Profile Extruder Machine manufacturers

PVC profile making machine is used to produce different kinds of PVC profile.By switching mould,it can produce different sizes of PVC profile in one machine on certain scopes.

  • Model: 55/110,65/132
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: AD65/132
  • Product Description

Pvc Profile Extruder Machine

PVC profile extruder machine:

PVC profile extrusion production line mainly composed by conical twin screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul off machine, cutting machine, stacker. With different moulds, it can produce various UPVC profile, such as: PVC window door profile, PVC wall panel, PVC window sill board, cabinet door board, curtain box, PVC trucking, cable duct, PVC skirting, PVC protection corner and so on.

And by changing screw barrel and mould, it can also produce PVC based WPC products, such as: WPC wall panel, WPC window door frame moldings, skirting moldings, WPC door board etc.


The Process flow of PVC profile extruder machine:

Mixer→Spiral loader→SJSZ51/SJSZ65/SJSZ80 double screw extruder→mould→vacuum calibration spraying platform→haul-off machine→blade cutter→stacker

Technical data Pvc Profile Extruder Machine:

Extruder SJZ51/105 SJZ55/110 SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188
Main Motor Power 18.5kw 30kw 37kw 55kw 110Kw
Production capacity 80-100kg/h 100-180kg/h 150-200kg/h 200-300kg/h 550-700kg/h

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