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PVC pipe belling socketing machine PVC pipe belling socketing machine

PVC pipe belling socketing machine is designed for the PVC sewage pipes, water supply pipes, electric cables pipes, PVC conduits automatic belling with U type, R or square type.

  • Brand: Anda
  • Product Description
PVC pipe belling socketing machine processing are all automatic control from pipes sending to working tables, pipes heating, pipes belling and pipes discharge. All this works controlled by PLC control system and the heating time, belling processing can be adjusted to detail condtions of the formualtion, and factory condition.
PVC pipe belling machine is equipped with relevant mould could bell the plastic PVC pipe into U type, R or square type socket automatically.
Belling range: Φ16mm-Φ630mm.  

Features of PVC pipe belling socketing machine:
1. Machine frame is welded of cold drawn rectangle steel tube with features of good structure and strength and without shaking when machine running.
2. Heating oven adopt force balanced circle air flue design with features of heating fast, evenly; the pipe can rotate positive and negative, lower consumption.
3. High automatic level, PLC touch screen control, all actions are pre-setting, machine will work automaticlly.
4. Electric parts adopts famous brand, the touch screen adopts Delta, contactors adopts Siemens, photo electric adopts Autonics
5. Adopts water cooling and out pressure forming for water supply pipes, make sure pipe socket shape accurate.

Technical parameter of PVC pipe belling socketing machine:

Model Belling pipe range
Pipe length 
Productio speed
SGK-75S  Φ16-Φ75 3000-6000  15-120 7450*1950*1900 1500  
SGK-110 Φ20-Φ110 3000-6000 15-150 7450*1550*1900 1300
SGK-160 Φ40-Φ160 3000-8000 45-500 7000*1500*1900 2300
SGK-250 Φ50-Φ250 3000-8000 50-600 7300*1700*1900 2500
SGK-400 Φ160-Φ400  4000-8000 60-900 7900*2100*2100 3000
SGK-630 Φ315-Φ630 4000-8000 150-1200 8400*3000*2650 3500