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PVC marble plastic sheet extrusion line PVC marble plastic sheet extrusion line

Marble plastic sheet making machine is utilized to produce PVC imitation marble plastic board.

  • Brand: Anda
  • Product Description

PVC marble plastic sheet extrusion line is used to make PVC imitation marble sheet which have  marble, carpet, stones, natural scenery, stereo design on the surface. And the board is made up of PVC powder and Caco3 powder, the ratio is 1:2.5. So the cost is much lower than real marble board.
Production flow of PVC marble plastic sheet:
raw material Mixing→loading→plasticizing and extruding →Molding→Three calending→cooling→Hualing off→ Transversal cutting→ UV glossy oil coating→Final PVC marble sheet
Features of PVC marble sheet
--with many colors on surface
--economical and practical
--light weight
--easy installation, renewable

Main parameter of PVC marble plastic sheet extrusion line:

1 Thickness of sheet 3-5mm
2 Size of sheet 2.44X1.22m
3 Weight of sheet 20-25kg/piece
4 Output 1500 Square Meters(24hour)