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Pvc Edge Banding Production / Extrusion Line Pvc Edge Banding Production / Extrusion Line

pvc edge band machine adopts double screw extruder to pvc edge band with width from 19mm to 54mm and thickness from 0.4 to 2mm with different moulds. This machine has online primer coating machine. The main advantage of this machine is high output.

  • Model: SJSZ48/113 , SJSZ55/110 , SJSZ65/132
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: AD 48 / 55 / 65
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pvc edge banding production / extrusion line

Application of pvc edge banding production / extrusion line:

PVC edge band making machine is used to produce PVC edge band which is popular used for the cross section of furniture plate for protection, decoration. We can make the size of 19-54mm width and 0.4-2mm thickness. The surface of PVC edge band is treated by printing. By switching printing roller,the surface of PVC edge band can get different design.

We can use single screw extruder or double screw extruder to produce PVC edge band according to customer requirement.

Three ways of pvc edge banding production / extrusion line:

1. Mixer+ PVC granulating machine+single screw extruder+printing machine

Process:  First you need mix raw material together by PVC mixer, second make granule by granulating machine, and then Use single screw extruder(Sj45 or SJ65 single screw extruder) to get edge band, then use printing machine to get glossy surface or wooden design and etc. 

Main parameters of pvc edge band production / extrusion line:

Model SJ45 SJ65
Extruder Model SJ45 SJ65
Mould Cavity Single
Max Output(kg/h) 700kg/day 1200kg/day
Drive Motor Power(kw) 11kw 15kw

2. Mixer+Double screw extruder+ printing machine

Process:  First mix raw material together by mixer, and the use double screw extruder(SJSZ51/105 or SJSZ55/110) to produce egde band, final step is to print color or make edge band glossy. 

Model and parameters

Model SJSZ51 SJSZ65
Extruder Model SJSZ51/105 SJSZ55/110
Mould Cavity 6 cavity 8 cavity
Max Output(kg/h) 2200kg/day 3500kg/day
Drive Motor Power(kw) 15kw 22kw

3. Three calender system+ printing machine+cutting machine: 

First mix raw material, and then use three calender system to produce big width edge band sheet, and then print colors on the edge band, finally, cut pvc edge band sheet into specific width like 19mm, 20mm etc...

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Our company information:

Anda machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier pvc edge banding production line from China with turnkey solution from A to Z.

Anda vision: to be global famous supplier of pvc edge band production line with high reputation

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