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PVC Door Panel Extrusion Plant PVC Door Panel Extrusion Plant

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PVC door panel is made from PVC and caclium carbonate mainly. it is hollow structure which has light weight and good strength. the PVC door panel is produced by twin screw PVC door panel extrusion plant, by changing mould(die and calibrator), it can produce PVC door panel with various width from 600 to 1000mm and thickness from 30mm to 50mm.

Technical parameter of hollow PVC door extrusion plant:

Model             Max product width
Vacuum calibration table             Hauler             Cutter            
Vacuum pump             Water pump             Length             Motor             Motor             Cutting type            
YF-600             600             7.5kw×2
6000mm             2.2kw×2             2.2kw×1             Cross wise cutting            
YF-1000             1000             11kw×2
8000mm             5.5kw×2             2.2kw×1            

Anda machinery company is a pioneer supplier of complete set PVC door panel extrusion plant  with turnkey solution. our team are composed by professional peoples with many years experience of PVC ceiling. we can provide customer from factory plan, installation,training, formula and so on. welcome send inquiry to us for more details!