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plastic LDPE pulverizer machine plastic LDPE pulverizer machine

Plastic LDPE pulverizer machine is utilized to grind LDPE(Low density polyethylene) granules into fine powder.

  • Model: SMF-400/500/600/800
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: SMF-1562432
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plastic LDPE pulverizer machine

Application of plastic LDPE pulverizer machine:

LDPE pulverizer machine is utilized to grind LDPE granules into fine powder for plastic rotational molding,master batch,plastic coating industry and so on. It's also called: millstone pulverizer,polythylene pulverizer/miller.

Main features of plastic LDPE pulverizer machine:

The LDPE pulverizer including:vibration feeder,pulverizer host,vibration sieve,dust collecting system.

It's highly automatic level machine which just need one worker to collect the final power only.

And, we can equip vacuum loader,water chiller to improve production efficiency.

Main parameters of plastic LDPE pulverizer machine:

Model SMF-400 SMF-500 SMF-600 SMF-800

Diameter Of Milling Chamber(mm)

400 500 600 800
Motor Power(kw) 22-30 37-45 55 75
Cooling                                                 Water Cooling
Blower Power(kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5
Output Fineness                                           10 to 50mesh adjustable
Outpput Of Pulverizer(kg/h) 80-100 100-150 200-250 400
Dimensions Of Pulverizer(mm) 1800×1600×3800 1900×1700×3900 1900×1500×3000 2300×1900×4100
Weight Of LDPE Pulverizer(kg) 1300 1600 2000 3200

Company information:

Anda company is leading turnkey solution supplier of plastic LDPE machine and other plastic processing machine from china with long term experience. We provide whole factory plan, installation, commissioning,training and so on from A to Z to customer.

Our vision:

To be global famous PVC plastic extrusion solution

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