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Mixer for PVC compounding Mixer for PVC compounding

PVC mixer is widely used to compound PVC resin with some other materials in the industry of PVC extrusion.Like PVC pipe extrusion,PVC profile extrusion,PVC ceiling panel extrusion etc.

  • Model: 200/500,300/600,500/1000
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: AD200
  • Product Description

Introduction of PVC mixer:

PVC mixer  is important for production of PVC product, widely used for PVC board, pipe, profiles, sheet and so on. According to your demand, it can be equipped with inverter driving with features of low starting currency, power saving. Also can be equipped with material pouring pin, vacuum loader, dust collector, silo etc to improve automatic level and reduce dust pollution.  
It composed mainly by hot mixer and cooling mixer. the hot mixer will heat the material to 110C, at this temperature, the additives will be mixed fully and re-act each other which is necessary for extrusion stage, the cooling mixer will cool down the mixture to 45C to avoid material decomposition. 

Main features of PVC mixer : 
* motor adopts Dazhong brand from public listed company with high quality, high efficiency and durable
* Oil seal adopts imported UKS seal from Germany, make sure no oil leakage.
* mixer barrel wall adopts 6mm stainless steel, thicker than others which mostly is 4mm.
* base top adopts 20mm steel plate, stronger and durable.
* adopts hardened gearbox, stronger and durable. Better than cycloidal-pin wheel gearbox.
* flange of mixer barrel adopts stainless steel but not chrome plated iron.
* main shaft, mixing paddle, belt pulley are processed on 3500r/min dynamic balance machine to ensure stable rotating when mixing material without shaking.

Main models of PVC mixer:

Model SRL-Z100/200 SRL-Z200/500 SRL-Z300/600 SRL-Z500/1000
Total capicity(L) 100/200 200/500 300/600 500/1000
Mixing capicity(kg/h) 165 325 500 750
MOtor power(kw) 14/22/7.5 30/42/11 40/50/15 47/67/15
Paddle speed(r/min) 650/130/180 475/950/130 475/950/130 430/860/60