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High Quality Pvc Ceiling Wall Panels Production Line High Quality Pvc Ceiling Wall Panels Production Line

PVC wall panel machine is used to produce the pvc ceiling panel,pvc wall panel,the width of the panel is from 200mm to 600mm

  • Model: SJSZ51/105,SJSZ55/110,SJSZ65/132
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: 986523
  • Product Description

PVC ceiling machine

PVC ceiling machine is used to product PVC ceiling panel, PVC wall panel with width normally from 150mm to 600mm with different section shape and height. the surface of PVC ceiling panel can be treated by double color printing & coated with glossy oil, or by heat transfer printing, or by lamination, which can make marble, wooden design on surface of product.

Main Features for pvc ceiling machine :

* speed controlled by inverter, saving power and easy to adjust speed

* extruder temperature controlled by Omron intelligent controller, temperature  fluctuation self adjusting

* easy and convenient for operation and maintain

* economical price, suitable for large scale investment.

Common Model of PVC ceiling making machine with double screw:

Model 48/113 55/110 65/132
Applicable product width(mm) 160-200  250-500  250-600
Extruder  SJSZ48/113  SJSZ55/110  SJSZ65/132
Capacity (m2/24hour) >800 >1000 >1600
Main motor power 15kw 22kw 37kw

Auxiliary machines for pvc ceiling machine :


    PVC crusher machine                  PVC pulverizer machine             PVC mixer machine