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extruder machine for PVC pipe extruder machine for PVC pipe

PVC pipe extruder machine is suitable for producing different pipe,diameter from 16-800mm.

  • Model: SJSZ51/105,SJSZ55/110,SJSZ65/132
  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: 756085
  • Product Description

Introduction of PVC pipe extruder:
PVC tube making machine is utilized to produce UPVC pipe with diameter from 16mm-800mm.It has a wide application in building construction,like water supply pipe,water drainage pipe,electrical conduit pipe,agriculture irrigation pipe etc.

  By switching different mould size, it can produce various diameters and various kind thickness in certain scope on same production line.


Features of extruder machine for pvc pipe:

1. Optional to adopt conical double screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder.

2. Speed of extruding, haul off are controlled by variable frequency inverter, stepless adjusting speed and save power consumption

3. Water cooling tank are made of high qulity stainless steel, no rusty, longer lifetime.

4. Temperature controlled by intelligent temperature controller, high precision, automatic control, save labor and easy to operate.

Main model:

Model PVC-63 PVC-110 PVC-160 PVC-250 PVC-315 PVC-450 PVC-630
Applicable OD(mm) 16-63 20-110 150-160 75-250 110-315 200-450 315-630
Extruder model 55\110 55\110 65\132 80\156 80\156 92-188 92-188
Capacity(kg\h) 150 180 250 350 400 600 750