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PVC marble sheet manufactruing process

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PVC marble sheet manufactruing process

PVC marble sheet is a kind of plastic artificial sheet, which is mainly composed of PVC resin and CaCo3. The advantage of PVC artificial marble sheet: clear grains, no color difference, wear-resistant surface, hardness up to 3H-6H, B1 level flameproof, no radiation, the lowest outdoor aging up to 15 years, the weight is 1/6 of the natural stone,with small impact on building load, can be a large area of paving,and the price is only 1/10 of the natural stone.
PVC marble sheet manufacturing process

PVC marble sheet manufactruing process:

500/1000Mixer→Auto loader→SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder →Mould→
Three calender(online laminating) →Cooling group rollers→Hual offmachine→ 

Transversal cutter→Edge cutter→ Conveyor→UV treatment.

You can find our machine video below: