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New technology manufacturing process to produce PVC edge band

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New technology manufacturing process to produce PVC edge band

Today, two customers from Lebanon come to our factory for the PVC edge band making machine production line. They told us that their pvc edge band machine adopt 45 and 65 single screw extruder with one cavity, it means the extruder machine only pruduce one piece of edge band. When they saw our new technology to produce PVC edge band, they were very excited!

Actually,it is not the traditional machine which only make one piece of edge sheet.Our PVC edge band making machine adopts 55/110 conical twin screw extruder, it can make 8 pieces of edge sheet at the same time.Besides,our machine will produce any shape of the table edge band by customizing relevant mould,such as T shape,H shape or flat shape, etc.

Manufacturing process of PVC edge band machine:

Material batching mixing--extruding--molding--vacuum calibrating and cooling--printing--UV coating--IR dryer--rolling/cutting-- final PVC edge band

We have online three color printing and UV coating machine,after forming we can print on the pvc edge band surface directly. It can save lots of labor cost.

At last the Lebanon customer said, if their 45 and 65 single screw extruer can make 8 pieces in one time. We told them, it was impossible. For our 
55/110 conical twin screw extruder has more bigger output than the single screw extruder. But we can help them make 3 cavity mould and 4 cavity mould for their ectruder along with vacuum calibrating,haul off machine and online printing machine. They can make 3 or 4 pieces edge band at the same time. It will release the capacity of the extruder, which means by the new mould we can help them make full use of their PVC edge band making machine to get good output and profit. So in this way, the Lebanon clients do not need to buy new machine, they can also update their machine.

Running video of PVC edge band :

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