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maintenence of the plastic extrusion machine

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maintenence of the plastic extrusion machine

Plastic extrusion machine adopts the daily maintenance and regular maintenance maintenance in the process of daily production. As we all know,people will get sick if we do not take good care of ourselves.Machine is just like people, and we can extend the working life of the extrusion machine through proper methods as follows:

1.Daily maintenance is a regular routine work, do not take equipment operation time, usually done during driving.We just focus on cleaning machine, lubricating of each moving part, tightening screws,  checking and adjusting the motor, control instrument, the working parts and pipes timely.

2.Regular maintenance in extruder will be done after a continuous run of 2500-5000 hours , we must break up the extrusion machine to inspect, measure, identify of the wear situation of main parts, replacement parts beyond the wear limit, repair the damaged parts.

3.If we hear abnormal sound of the extruder during working time, should stop the pvc pp pe pipe ceiling profile production line to inspect and repair the plastic extrusion machine immediately.

4.Pay attention to the production environment, do not make rubbish or impurities mixed with the material which will block filter plate, affect the output of products, quality and increase the resistance.

5.When extruder is about to stop using for a long time, we should coat the surface of screw, machine barrel, machine head with anti-rust grease.Small screw should be suspended in the air or in special cases with wood cushion flat, so as to avoid the screw being out of shape or damaged.

6.Extruder reducer maintenance is mainly check the wear and failure situation of gear and bearing .Reducer machine should use the specified lubricating oil, and add oil in accordance with the provisions of the oil level height , oil gasket should be replaced regularly, to ensure the quantity of lubricating oil.

7.The cooling water pipe wall is easily full of corrosion rust.When maintenance,we should deal with it carefully, furr can jam water line, shorten the effect of cooling. rust will lead to serious leaks, so the maintenance of descaling and anticorrosive cooling measures must be taken.

To do the job of maintaining our plastic extrusion machine well, our machine will work decades more.Our Anda machinery company has a professional team,we can provide a turkey solution for your new factory about 
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