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LDPE pulverizer has been tested successfully and pass check by Europe customer

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LDPE pulverizer has been tested successfully and pass check by Europe customer

LDPE pulverizer has been tested successfully and pass exam by Europe customer

A few days ago, our customers from Europe visited our factory for buying  LDPE pulverizer machine for plastic coating industry,rotor moulding, master batch plastic coating industry. At that day, our customer asked me to test LDPE pulverizer.Then, we bought one bag LDPE raw material for testing.After testing,our customer is very satiesfied with our machine. After customer returned to his country and he confirmed the order immediately. Then, we start to manufacture the LDPE pulverizer for him. And before delivery,customer came to china again and we test LDPE pulverizer with customer, customer is very satisfied with the quality and performance of our LDPE plastic pulverizer machine.And our customer hope to establish cooperation relationships with our company for a long time.

Application of LDPE pulverizer:

LDPE pulverizer machine be utilized to grind LDPE(Low density polyethylene) granules into fine powder for plastic rotational molding, master batch,plastic coating industry and so on. It's also called:millstone pulverizer,polyethylene pulverizer/miller

Main parameter of LDPE pulverizer

Diameter of milling chamber(mm)400500600800
Motor Power(kw)22-3037-455575
Coolingwater cooling
Blower Power345.57.5
Output Fineness10 to 50 mesh adjustable
Output Of Pulverizer(kg/h)80-100100-150200-250400
Dimensions Of Pulverizer(mm)1800×1600×38001900×1700×39001900×1500×30002300×1900×4100
Weight Of LDPE Pulverizer(kg)1300160020003200

Anda machinery is leading manufacturer and supplier of LDPE pulverizer from china with turnkey solution from A to Z. in passed years, we have exported a numbers of LDPE pulverizer to other countries, like Russia,Bangladesh and these machines are running well here.

Anda vision: to be global famous supplierof LDPE pulverizer with high reputation.