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pvc ceiling wall panels extrusion production line

PVC wall panel double screw extruder is widely used to produce PVC ceiling and wall panel. The width of panel can be 160-600 mm with different section shape and height. The surface of pvc ceiling panel can be treated by double hot stamping printing, or by lamination, which can make marble, wooden design on surface of product.

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pvc ceiling wall panels extrusion production line

1. We are expert manufacturer of   PVC wall panel double screw extruder and can supply you turnkey solution including supplying machines, installation, training staff, material purchasing help, help send Chinese production master etc. 

2. We can show you running PVC wall panel double screw extruder in our factory and our customer's factory. 

3. The most important thing is that we have manufacturing  PVC wall panel double screw extruder for over 20 years, we are familiar with all production process and we know how to make machines perfect and how to reduce production cost. 
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Process of plastic PVC wall panel double screw extruder

Mixer → extrusion → surface treatment (including three types: two color printing, hot stamping, and lamination

According to our formula(main raw material is PVC resin and CaCo3), raw materials are mixed in the mixer and transported to the extruder. Through the  PVC wall panel double screw extruder, panel forming. If you adopt hot stamping and lamination, after extrusion line, your product is finished, But if you adopt two color printing, you can print it offline in the printing machine. 
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Model of  PVC wall panel double screw extruder:





Product width








capicity per 24h





Products of  PVC wall panel double screw extruder:



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