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PET bottle recycling plant

PET bottle recycling plant is utilized to crush and clean the PET bottles into pieces for reuse.

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Process flow of  PET bottle recycling plant :


deballing-delabelling-manual sorting-crushing-hot washing-friction wasing-floating washing-dewatering-hot air drying-lable flakes seperating

Processing flow chart of PET bottle recycling plant :

PET bale openning-rotating separating stones-stripping bottle label from pet bottle-manual sorting impurity-crushing PET bottle-hot washing PET flakes-friction washing PET flakes-floating washing PET flakes-spraying washing PET flakes by clean water- dewatering PET flakes-hot air drying PET flakes-label flakes separating-final product

Processing capacity of PET bottle recycling plant we can supply: 500kg/h - 2000kg/h

Indicator of final PET flakes produced by our PET bottle recycling plant :

Moisture: less than 1%

Size of PET flakes: 12-20mm or according to your requirement

Content of PVC:  <300PPM

Content of PE PP:< 20PPM

Paper: <100PPM



Video to show: How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Polyester?



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