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extrusion blow molding machine for plastic bottle extrusion blow molding machine for plastic bottle

Extrusion blow molding machine is utilized to produce hollow plastic container,like HDPE bottle,PC 5 gallon,plastic toys,PP milk bottle etc.

  • Brand: ANDA
  • Code: AD75D
  • Product Description


 This kind of machine is automatic and equips with 75mm screw.It equips with deflashing system,resulting in saving time and manual costs for clients.The PLC is controlled by MITSUBISHI, so it is easy to make machine stable.The spareparts are all famous brand,such as Hydraulic system(YUKEN TAIWAN),Pneumatic system(FESTO GERMANY),Parison thickness control(MOOG JAPAN) and so on.So,you can easily buy it .The blow molding machine can produce different types of bottle,for instance ,cosmetic bottle,pharmaceutical,aeresol,plastic toys,plastic model,oil bottle,water bottle ,5 gallon bucket and so on.The blow molding machine is widely used.


Name Parameter
Max.product 8L(4 die-head)
Extruder motor power 22kw
Oil pump motor power 7.5kw
Screw diameter 75mm
Screw L\D ratio 24:1
Heating power of screw 9kw
Plasticizing  90kg\h
Output(cycle time) 240-300 pcs
Max.die-head diameter 80mm
Clamping force 110kn
Platen opening stroke 150-550mm
Center distance of die-head  160mm
Heating power of die-head 6kw
Max.Mold dimension(w*h) 400-470mm
Average consumption power 38kw
Size(l*w*h) 3.8*2.7*3.0
Weight 6Ton


Hydraulic system:YUKEN(Japan)

Pneumatic system:FESTO(Germany)

Parison thickness control:MOOG(Japan)



Air switch:SCHNEIDER(France)



Solenoid valve:AIRTAC(TAIWAN)