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5L HDPE bottle blow molding machine 5L HDPE bottle blow molding machine

This AD75D automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing small plastic bottle,volume from 1-5L.It has a high productivity.

  • Brand: Anda
  • Code: AD75D
  • Product Description
Description of 5L HDPE bottle blow molding machine:

   This kind of twin carriage blow molding machine is controlled by computer(MOOG),automatic,high speed,electric and fluid integration.The machine can produce different kinds of plastics products.Such as toys,containers,bottle,plastic model,pallets,hand shank,cars accessories and medical bottles etc.We can offer different size of blow molding machine according to customers requirment.Our company has over ten years experience and our engineers are best in this fields.

 Features of HDPE bottle blow molding machine:

1.Full-automatic blow molding machine
2.High precision moulds with deflashing system (save labour)
3.Double station and double die-head(high output)
4.Low power consumption
5.Easy operation
6.Long life time

Parameter of  HDPE bottle blow molding machine:

MAX.Product volume L 12L
Output(cycle time) pc\hr 800×2
Machine dimension(l*w*h) M 4.5*2.9*3.1
Total weight T 7.5T
Clamping force KN 110
Platen opening stroke mm 240-620
Screw speed rpm\min 10-90
MAX.Mold Dimension(W*H) mm 530*510
Cooling water presure Mpa 0.2
Cooling water rate of flow  m3\hr 3
Air pressure Mpa 0.8
Air rate of flow m3\min 0.8
Screw diameter mm 80
Screw L\D ratio L\D 24\1
Output of PE kg\hr 100
Number of screw  heating zone zone 4
Screw heating power KW 9
Extruder motor power KW 37
Number of die heating zone zone 5
Power of die heating kw 6
MAX.die diameter mm 220
Oil pump driving power kw 11
Accumulator capacity L 4.4