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PVC marble sheet manufactruing process

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PVC marble sheet manufactruing process

PVC marble sheet is a kind of plastic artificial sheet, which is mainly composed of PVC resin and CaCo3. The advantage of PVC artificial marble sheet: clear grains, no color difference, wear-resistant surface, hardness up to 3H-6H, B1 level flameproof, no radiation, the lowest outdoor aging up to 15 years, the weight is 1/6 of the natural stone,with small impact on building load, can be a large area of paving,and the price is only 1/10 of the natural stone.
PVC marble sheet manufacturing process

PVC marble sheet manufactruing process:

500/1000Mixer→Auto loader→SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder →Mould→
Three calender(online laminating) →Cooling group rollers→Hual offmachine→ 

Transversal cutter→Edge cutter→ Conveyor→UV treatment.

You can find our machine video below:




My friends,we have made a plastic marble sheet making machine in our factory for our own.The machine work 24hours with 3 shifts to meet local market. If you are interested in this machine,welcome to visit our factory. We can show you how to mix the raw material,operate the extruder machine, coat UV on the sheet,collect and recycle waste material.


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