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PVC edge band tape extrusion line manufacturer

PVC edge band extrusion machine is used to produce edge banding tapes. It is widely used in furniture.
By the production capacity, we have two ways to produce it,one is 2 out in one mould,the other is 8 out in
one mould.

  • SJSZ55/110
  • Anda
  • AD-55/130

PVC edge banding extrusion line

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PVC edge banding is carried out on the cross section of furniture plate for protection, decoration. The surface of wood grain, marble, fabric and other decorative pattern, design and surface luster, soft realistic wood and stereo feeling;with a certain heat resistant, resistant to chemicals, corrosion resistance.  It can make a piece of wood furniture appears more clear and beautiful.
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Actually,it is not the traditional machine which only make one piece of edge sheet.Our extruder adopts 55/110 mode, it can make 8 pieces of edge sheet at the same time.Besides,our machine will produce any shape of the table edge band by customize relevant mould,such as T shape,H shape or flat shape, etc.


extruder mode 55/110
extrusion speed 6m/min
production capacity 8 cavity in one mould with high output

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