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603*603 pvc ceiling tile production line/making machine/manufacturing line

This machine produce PVC ceiling tile, you can change different hot stamping foil to get different design patterns.

  • SJSZ65/132
  • Anda
  • Anda-PVC ceiling tile machine

Application of pvc ceiling tile production line:

PVC ceiling tile machine is used to produce pvc ceiling panel size of 600*600mm,595*595mm,603*603mm. The surface of pvc ceiling tile can be treated by hot stamping printing for different color or patterns to fit various decoration style.

PVC ceiling tile machine

Manufacturing process of  PVC ceiling tile extrusion machine 
Step 1: Raw material mixing according to the formula.  
Step 2: Product Extrusion by SJSZ 65/132 extruder. During this process, you can use hot stamping (transfer design pattern from foil to PVC ceiling tile) on the PVC ceiling tile surface to get diffferent design pattern. 
Step 3: Bad product recycling. During the second step. normally it will occur some waste pruduct, so it will be necessary for you to recycle it. 

Main features of pvc ceiling tile production line:

* Speed controlled by inverter,saving power and easy to adjust speed.

* Extruder temperature controlled by Omron intelligent controller, temperature fluctuation self adjusting

* Easy and convenient for operation and maintain

* Economical price,suitable for large scale investment.

 Model and parameters of pvc ceiling tile production line 

Applicable Width
Weight of panel According to customer requirement

Our company information:

Anda company is leading manufacturer and supplier of 603*603 pvc ceiling tile production line/making machine/manufacturing line from China with turnkey solution from A to Z.

Anda vision: To be global famous supplier of pvc ceiling tile extrusion machine with high reputation.


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